Omaha Poker Sites

Omaha is probably the second most common type of poker found on the internet, next to Texas Hold'em. Different sites offer potential customers many features. It should not be difficult to find a site that works well for a specific person based on the features he or she considers the most important.

Players Only Poker

Founded in 2002, Players Only Poker has not been around as long as some other sites but does provide members with many varieties of poker to choose from, including Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo, good graphics, and good traffic. The competition is fairly easy to beat in the lower stakes games. The customer support is relatively fast but only available through email. No phone or instant message support is provided.

Since Omaha is a popular variety of poker, it can be found at most poker websites. Users can choose which website they would like to use based on their needs and what they value most in their gaming experience. The described websites all are great options, each with its own set of pros and cons.

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Full Tilt Poker

As one of the largest and highest ranked poker sites on the internet, Full Tilt is an excellent choice to play Omaha Hi or Hi-Lo. The site receives a lot of traffic which allows players to play Omaha at any time they wish at any stakes level. Beginners can find competition suited for them at low and micro stakes games while experienced players can enjoy fierce competition in high stakes games. The main downside to Full Tilt Poker is the fact that software is not available to download requiring players to play on their internet browsers.

PokerStars Poker

Another major force in online poker is PokerStars. This site offers both Omaha Hi and Hi-Lo. It receives the most traffic of any internet poker site so a game at any stakes level can be found anytime, day or night. The competition tends to be a little tougher than average but beginners will still be able to find games to their liking at the lower stakes levels. Also, the only support offered through PokerStars is through email.

Ultimate Bet Poker

Ultimate Bet also offers both Omaha Hi and Hi-Lo although most of the action is concentrated in the lower level Hold'em tables. During peak hours, it is very easy to find an Omaha table and they are fairly easy to find outside of peak hours as well. The competition in Omaha games is relatively soft, especially at lower stakes levels. The website does offer free downloadable software; however it can only be used on PCs.

Bovada Poker

Bovada is a relatively small poker site but is growing quickly. Most players who use this site play Texas Hold'em but Omaha Hi and Hi-Lo games can be found as well, especially during peak hours. The downloadable software found at Bovada is top of the line and the support staff is very quick and knowledgeable. The two main drawbacks to this site are the smaller player base and the fact that it only allows players to play at three tables simultaneously.

Absolute Poker

Another small but growing site is Absolute Poker. It recently joined the Cereus Network which significantly increased its player base. Like the previous sites, Absolute Poker offers both Omaha Hi and Hi-Lo. Most of the users on this site play Texas Hold'em but Omaha games are not hard to find during peak hours. They are scarcer outside of peak hours. The competition is extremely soft especially at lower stakes levels.

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