EWalletXpress is a great deposit method for online gaming sites, because many major sites take it, including However, not quite as many sites use it as some of the other methods, so it's very important to know what methods a particular site has to offer before you sign up with one. For sites like, though, eWalletExpress can be the perfect deposit method. It works by allowing you to set up an account with the site and then attach it to your bank account. It can take some time because eWalletExpress will make two small deposits into your bank account and you must verify them and tell the eWalletExpress program what they were to prove that the bank account actually belongs to you.

While this can be a little frustrating because you must wait for the deposits to show up in your account, it is important because it helps to cut down on theft. You wouldn't want someone else opening up an online gaming account and using eWalletExpress linking to your account as a deposit method. The latest technology is used with this deposit method so that you can instantly transfer money from your bank account to any online merchant who accepts this payment method, and that includes sites like and other online casinos and gaming sites which accept it. If you would like to see sites accepting this method, have a look at this ewalletxpress poker sites.

One of the best things about is the sheer size of it. There are tournaments to participate it, there are many different types of poker for you to enjoy, and the site is very user-friendly, including the area where you can set up your eWalletExpress account as a deposit method. If you want to play for free you can download software that will let you do that. It's a good idea if you're new to poker on the Internet, or if you're new to poker in general, because it helps you get more comfortable and ensures that you'll have a higher chance of success when you start playing with actual money. You can't expect to win every hand, but you want to understand the game and be comfortable enough with it to have a chance.

When you set up your eWalletExpress account or use any other deposit method that's accepted by, you're eligible for a bonus. A lot of online gaming sites are doing this now because they know that people are struggling and they don't have a lot of money. Plus, they want to bring new customers in, and many offline casinos offer some type of bonus, as well. The bonus is a one hundred percent match of the funds put in on the customer's first deposit, up to five hundred dollars, so that five hundred that you put in to your eWalletExpress account and used as a deposit method will be worth one thousand dollars on the site, as long as you use it there ñ you can't just withdraw it and get free money, but it can allow you to play for a lot longer. It helps to make online gaming sites like much more popular and encourages people to use their deposit method of choice to put the maximum amount of money that will get them a bonus into their account, to get the largest payoff possible.

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