BovadaPoker Review 

Bovada Poker emits the fraternity mentality, the VIP fantasy, the private club elite of high-profile and superstar quality. It has that artistic flair. It's the epitome of high-end popularity. You suddenly have the best clothes, the best friends, you know all the best clubs and the most contacts.

That's the feeling out of the game site, Bovada Poker. You're at the top. You feel the fire and the warmth of playing a good game of poker.

Bovada Poker Poker Site Overview

The site setup is interesting-it's not simply a poker site, but a division of a homepage that showcases a casino site offering a multitude of different games and even a site that offers sport gambling such as horse racing and football. That makes for a little tougher navigation, but nothing serious.

The site is actually sporty looking. Supported by the Kahwanake Gaming Commission, even though fun and competitiveness seem to ooze out of the words on the site, safety is a priority. Options are clear but not as extensive as other sites-understandable given its focus ranges more on the gaming than poker.

Bovada Poker Software

They do, however, supply the top-notch download required. The interface is stellar, playability powerful. However, because Bovada Poker is only a division of Bovada Poker, you also have to sign in on the main homepage to get to the download.

Bovada Poker Game Varieties

Because of the subdivision, being a broader game site, Bovada Poker doesn't have as much of a variety-the basics, Texas Hold "Em, Omaha and Stud.

It's not necessarily a disadvantage. Some players like focus. Some players want specifics. You go to Bovada for an easy click onto the Hold "Ems or Omahas because it's easy to get in. Emphasis is that sort of VIP standard, the private room-rather than the tournament professional feel.

Bovada Poker Room Bonuses

Being a "VIP' has its "bonuses' here. Players are accustomed to seeing the typical 100% first-time deposit bonus. Bovada takes it a step further-try 110%. Check it out. They even have a 100% poker reload bonus. Let's just say it definitely makes up for lack of game variety. We're talking money.

Bovada Poker Tournaments

As with any VIP or private club player, tournaments are taken a step further with keywords like "open' and "tour'. Features like the Flight Club take you to exotic places to play poker. You are, indeed, a VIP. Bovada concerns itself with tournament flow, ambience and availability rather than variety.

Bovada Poker Competition

The word on the competition is not necessarily of quantity-but of quality. You see it in their photos. They really are like a private club. Look at the likes of Evelyn NG (hot), David Williams (suave), Justin Bonomo (heartthrob) and Jean-Robert Bellande (mysterious), and you're at the Hotties Club.

Bovada Poker Deposits and Customer Support

The best part about their support is not only can you get help by e-mail-you can get help by phone. 24/7. Sounds unbelievable, but apparently someone's available with caffeine pills to answer your questions on the phone.

It really puts the V.I.P. in VIP. It means Very Intimate and Personal. The deposits online are fast and easy, too.

Bovada Rules, You Rule

Being a part of a private club makes you feel hot, doesn't it? You rock. You should. You're with the Bovada. VIP has an extended meaning on this site of Bovada Poker-know it, live it, love it.

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