Poker Tournaments

Almost all poker sites offer tournaments for players to earn large amounts of money playing poker. Usually some are freerolls which have certain requirements in order to participate, while others require a buy in fee.

Players Only

Players Only Poker offers its players a $50 freeroll every hour, as well as $50,000 monthly freerolls. In order to participate in freerolls, a user must earn poker points by playing in other games and tournaments. In addition, the site offers guaranteed tournaments, although less of them than found at the above sites. The competition at this site is pretty loose, especially in comparison to larger sites such as Full Tilt and PokerStars and almost every single guaranteed tournament goes into overlay, giving you more bang for your buck.

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Full Tilt

Full Tilt offers a large amount of tournaments and freerolls; the average is 70,000 real money tournament players during peak hours. The freerolls are offered in a wide variety of games, not just Texas Hold’em. Real money tournaments are also frequently held which require a buy in ranging from one dollar to $25,000. The competition at the higher level tournaments is extremely tough. More tournaments are added every day so players are sure to find something to suit them.


PokerStars offers even more tournaments than Full Tilt with about 155,000 players during peak hours. There are many low buy in tournaments which are highly populated with inexperienced players making for loose playing. High buy in tournaments involve fierce competition, but huge prizes. The site also offers satellites to major poker tournaments such as the World Series of Poker. Most tournaments are Texas Hold’em.

Ultimate Bet

This site also offers many options in tournaments. Freerolls are offered for both monetary and other prizes. The real money tournaments tend to be competitive, even at the lower levels of buy in and are extremely tough at the higher levels. The prizes are also large. Most poker tournaments on this site are in Texas Hold’em. The site also offers satellites to major events.

Bovada Poker

If you are interested in freerolls, Bovada is a great option. The site offers at least $1500 a day in freerolls that require no buy in fee. Most of these tournaments are in no limit Hold’em. Real money tournaments are offered as well. The competition is not too tough at the lower level tournaments but gets progressively more difficult to beat as the buy in increases. Satellite tournaments are also provided.

Absolute Poker

This site offers many freerolls that are heavily populated with beginners. The prizes for these are often not too large but occasionally large freerolls to occur. Buy in for real money tournaments ranges from a dollar to $5000. The tournaments are a bit looser than found at most other sites. Satellites to live event are also offered by Absolute Poker.

The internet offers players many options when choosing a site to compete in poker tournaments. Larger sites often offer larger prizes, but there is more and tougher competition. Smaller sites offer tournaments as well but the prizes are often smaller. They are easier to win though since many of the participants are inexperienced.

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